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The World Health Organization (who) defines the concept of urban plague as "those species involved in the transfer of infectious diseases for man and in damage or deterioration of the habitat and urban well-being, when its existence is continuous in the" "time and is above the threshold of tolerance".


 To combat this type of pests, it has been abusing the use of biocides products (pesticides), the risk associated with its application in the urban environment. We highlight two dangers of the use of biocides


 1. When it´s fumigated is "polluted" soil furniture walls with a chemical product harmful to insects, but also harmful for people and pets. This "contamination" stay for too long time in our habitat.

2. Cockroaches and rodents die and most of the dead bodies are hidden in furniture, appliances, false ceilings, walls, air chambers; these corpses are still carriers of pathogenic "viruses, bacteria, mites, fleas" whereupon the risk of diseases and allergy persists in our habitat.

Ecotrampa has developed and successfully Tested  Professionals Traps without biocides for mass trapping of rodents, flies, cockroaches, flour moths, clothes moth. These Ecotrampa eliminate the two risks mentioned above the use of biocides.

1 There is no risk of contamination, the Ecotrampa do not contains biocides, its success is due to r & d (research, development and innovation) and its quality components:

Carton anti-moisture

Glue entomological

Attractive pheromones  or appealing food

Silicone paper

Model EC11NX

2. Cockroaches and rodents get caught on the glue  where they die, the Ecotrampa with made catches are easy to remove and manage as waste. Definitely removed the dead bodies of roaches or rodents with its load of viruses, bacteria, mites, fleas...


-Do not have withdrawal period, so it can be placed at any time even in an establishment open to the public.

-Do not have "the eviction effect”, when applies a biocidal product odors and vapors emitted that cockroaches come out of the treated area and can occur three circumstances.


  • The cockroaches die by the effect of the biocidal product, in an area that allows easy cleaning.
  • The cockroaches die "in unexpected places" in food, in an exhibition showcase...
  • The cockroaches flee out, and some survive and infect new areas.


You play it yourself or better apply Murphy's Law to find out what will happen "If something can go wrong, probably it will go wrong"


-The Ecotrampa for rodents are much faster than the biocides and guarantee that the rodent is deleted. A rodenticide (biocide to kill rodents) has a period of 24 to 48 hours to kill a rodent after its injection. With the Ecotrampa for rodents they can be exterminated in a few hours with the additional benefit that it eliminates rodent corpse and prevent rot in some hiding place, as it usually happens when they die by injection of biocidal product.


-Health authorities do not allow the use of biocides in the urban sector in preventive treatments. But they are friendly to the preventive use of traps without biocide for diagnosis and insect and rodents capture.


-The Ecotrampa are a fundamental tool to perform the monitoring programs of integrated control of pest and in accordance with the guidelines of the standard

UNE-EN 16636:2015 pest management services. Requirements and  skills.


-At the time of control of pest, the economic factor is important. The Ecotrampa the cost per treatment was higher. But our r & d, managed to reduce cost of manufacture of the Ecotrampa to an acceptable level, attached to you the trade margins of our company are moderate and sell to professionals DDD without intermediaries. The price per treatment with Ecotrampa is more advantageous than the use of biocides.




Model EC11NX with captured cockroaches

Model ER1AX with traped rat


As we manufacture an Ecotrampa to capture roaches


Cut the cardboard in the guillotine

Laminated side will be where we apply the glue or a coat of varnish

We prepare the color separations, exposure them and took the plates offset.

We print the information from the trap. There are enterprises of pest control that prefer to print their company name, logo etc.

 Troquelamos en el cartón impreso la forma que tendrá la trampa  y colocamos cinta doble cara cuando el cliente lo requiere

We prepare the variety of adhesive most suitable for the type of vector that we want to catch (cockroaches, moth flour, clothes moth, mice, rats…) and add attractant or pheromones to make it faster to capture them.


We manufacture tablets with appealing food or pheromones for customers who prefer to put their own lure instead of this incorporated into the glue

Loaded the parts in die-cut in our automatic traps manufacturing equipment (6000 parts per hour) and until you apply the glue can add more attractant.

We apply the trap glue especially formulated for the type of vector we want to catch, change the viscosity adhesion and attractants. Not all the attractants we use  are perceivable  by  the people. For example, the flour´s moths traps I, the glue incorporates pheromone for Ephestia  kuehniella

After applying the glue, it is covered with a Silicon paper.

Our laboratory accredited with the ISO certification, carries out quality tests to ensure that the traps get the highest quality at both in power of capture and durability of their properties.

To facilitate the use and preserve the quality of the glue and preserve the attractants, traps are packed in laminated packs of 50 units and in boxes of 5 packs .

From 250€ of purchase

Shipping to Península only